What Is High Rise Double Pump Carburetor? (3 Best Options!)


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What Is High Rise Double Pump Carburetor? The high rise double pump carburetor is a device designed to manage the air-fuel mixture ratio of an internal combustion engine.

It operates on the principle that unmetered air is allowed to enter the intake manifold and mix with fuel, which is atomized and vaporized by the action of two accelerator pumps.

The primary accelerator pump provides an initial burst of fuel when the throttle valve is opened, while the secondary accelerator pump supplies additional fuel as necessary depending on engine load.

In the automotive industry, a high rise double pump carburetor is an essential component in providing fuel to the engine. This type of carburetor is used in many different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

It is made up of two main parts: the main body and a diaphragm pump that provides additional fuel to the engine when needed. The diaphragm pump allows for increased air flow and improved fuel economy.

How Does High Rise Double Pump Carburetor Work?

The high rise double pump carburetor is an integral part of the carburetor and utilizes two accelerator pumps instead of just one. This configuration creates more power, albeit at the expense of more effort required to control throttle openings, which may be perceived as a drawback for some drivers.

Nonetheless, this design allows for optimal utilization of available air from any engine speed, delivering impressive torque increases in stock-engine vehicles.

Furthermore, with its robust power production potential – it makes sense to use a high position on the camshaft lobe for optimum fuel-injection access when operating under load conditions!

As previously mentioned with twin-pump operation, both incoming air streams benefit from multiple time signals within the carburetor.

In turn, this plus additional size along with some ignition advance can yield greater power output than originally anticipated!

Best High Rise Double Pump Carburetor:

1. Holley 0-76750BL 750 CFM Ultra Double Pumper Carburetor:

The Holley Ultra Double Pumper 0-76750BL is a good looking, durable, and reasonably priced carburetor.

While it is slightly more expensive than another popular Holley Ultra Double Pumper model, the Holley 0-76670BL, I found that the Ultra Double Pumper 0-76750BL offers better construction, features, and overall performance.

The Holley Ultra Double Pumper 0-76750BL also has the Holley’s famous “No Trouble” electric choke. When shopping for a replacement carburetor, I’d advise folks to do some research before offering up a lot of money.

The Holley 0-76750BL is priced competitively and offers lots of value for the money. Overall, the Holley 0-76750BL is better than the Holley 0-76670BL.

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2. Holley 0-4781C 850 CFM Double Pumper Carburetor:

The Holley 0-4781C 850 CFM Double Pumper Carburetor is a high-performance, dual-pump, mechanical secondary, dual feed carburetor for today’s high-performance engines.

The mechanical secondary pump is for additional fuel under initial acceleration. The dual feed fuel inlet has 100-percent wet-flow tested, calibrated slide valves to give you increased fuel volume for street-driven vehicles.

The enrichment chamber and the metering rods are chrome plated and then black oxide plated for additional corrosion resistance. The Dichromate finish with center hung floats.

The manual choke is for easy control of engine warm up. The Holley 0-4781C 850 CFM Double Pumper Carburetor is quality hardware, made in the USA.


The Holley 650 CFM Classic Double Pumper Carburetor is an affordable and relatively compact performance upgrade with some basic tuning capabilities. It’s easy to install, and at a street price, it’s one of the cheapest 650 CFM carburetors we’ve tested.

Compared with other carburetors we tested, the Double Pumper tends to produce smoother idling and smoother running overall, though at idle it’s still not as smooth as units from Holley’s Street Dominator or Sniper family.

The Double Pumper delivers reliable, consistent performance on both stock and modified engines and it performs better than some higher-priced 650 CFM carburetors we tested, including the Edelbrock 750 CFM Performer.

Is A Double Pumper Carb Better?

Absolutely Yes, a double pumper carburetor can offer improved performance for a variety of engine applications. The double pumper design increases airflow, which can result in improved fuel economy and increased power.

Additionally, the dual-pump design ensures optimal utilization of available air from any engine speed, which can lead to increased torque and overall performance.

Additionally, the double pumper design offers a robust power production potential, making it a great choice for modified engines.

When it comes to choosing the right carburetor for your high-performance engine, there are a lot of options to consider. One popular choice is the high-rise double pump carburetor, also known as a double pumper.

This type of carburetor has two accelerator pumps instead of one, which means that it delivers a more aggressive fuel mixture to the engine.

One benefit of using a double pumper is that it can improve throttle response and acceleration. The additional accelerator pump provides an extra shot of fuel when you hit the gas pedal, giving your engine an immediate boost in power.

This can be especially useful for drag racing or other forms of high-performance driving where quick acceleration is key. However, there are some drawbacks to using a double pumper as well.

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Advantages Of High Rise Double-pump Carburetors

If you have been on the lookout for an affordable yet effective street performance carburetor, then the high rise double-pump option may be right up your alley.

With its compact size and efficient operation, this design can provide excellent results without compromising any of them! Versatility is what makes the high rise double pumping mechanism so attractive.

This design is ideally suited for both drag racing and road racing applications, where tuning flexibility is paramount, it allows one to tweak carburetor settings without changing components, ideal for those who want to maintain their ride at peak efficiency throughout its duration!

Additionally, this setup can also be utilized for low-flying aircrafts (as well as sea planes) where safety must be prioritized above all else.

With a dual-pump configuration, the high rise provides ample clearance between the float bowl and intake manifold. This gives users more freedom when designing their engines.

Disadvantages Of High Rise Double-pump Carburetors

Despite their obvious advantages over standard single-pump carburetors, high rise double-pump carburetors do have a few disadvantages. These include:

  • 1) Difficult maintenance. High rise double-pumps require multiple adjustments to run properly, which makes it a more challenging proposition for amateurs seeking to take on the task of performing routine tune-ups.
  • 2) Not all engines are created equal. Generally speaking, smaller displacement, lighter weight vehicles such as scooters and ATVs will fare better with a high rise double-pump carburetor than larger cars that can experience erratic operation when forced to compensate during acceleration and deceleration, leading to potentially erratic ride feel.
  • 3) higher performance models may not yield optimum results. While many high lift double pump setups offer an impressive power surge in response, they may also cause stalling or hesitation during hard cornering due to air compression ratios becoming increasingly unfavorable towards optimum performance compared to single pump configurations.

How Do You Tell If A Carb Is A Double Pumper?

Like any other type of carburetor, the double-pump design comprises two separate jets that are situated high on the manifold. However, with this arrangement there is no need for additional hoses or adjustment screws in order to attain optimal performance levels.

Moreover, it’s straightforward to recognize whether an engine has been equipped with omen, simply look carefully at its layout!

Most people associate a double-pumper with an older model or one from a classic era; however, if your car is made in the 80s and beyond then you can rest assured that it was designed with this system in mind.

Both vintage engines and modern ones employing the configuration can be found being used on moving vehicles today, don’t forget to take note if yours happens to be of this ilk!

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What Is A Double Pumper Carb?

If you were captivated by the previous topic, then rest assured. We have a solution for you: it’s called a double pumper!

The name is well-suited for this typically simplistic design, it boasts two separate carburetors working in tandem to provide an optimal mix of fuel and air into the combustion chamber.

This system provides not only more power than that one unit alone but also greater control over its delivery; allowing for exact tuning of fueling!

This arrangement affords the user with an array of benefits, including enhanced drivability and increased horsepower potential.

What Is The Recommended Fuel Pressure For A Holley Double Pumper?

Fuel pressure is typically set between 30-50 psi to maintain an ideal mixture within the combustion chamber of a carburetor.

As with any internal combustion engine, high octane fuel can yield better power and performance. To take advantage of this, it’s essential to maintain proper fuel pressure within the fuel system.

How Much Fuel Pressure Does A 2 Barrel Carburetor Need?

In order to estimate how much fuel pressure you’ll need, it’s essential to consider the size and capacity of your carburetor and its overall system.

This can be a daunting task when purchasing an entirely new carburetor as you may not have any prior knowledge regarding these factors.

Think about it like this: a larger carburetor with more barrels will require more effort for the fuel to enter and exit the device; conversely, a smaller system with less barrels will require less exertion to infuse air into the mixture.

To gauge gasoline pressure levels in your engine, look at your owner’s manual to see what minimum requirements are recommended for that particular model year. Be sure to confirm whether or not those figures are still relevant today!

Bottom Line: What Is High Rise Double Pump Carburetor?

For most people, a double pump is an indispensable component of their carburetor. It can be a bit of a hassle to modify the layout of your dash and install this component; however, once in place it provides an edge over those not utilizing it.

As you prepare for a road trip or venture into unfamiliar territory, be sure to pack along your high rise double pump carburetor. This venerable design can ensure that your car is running smoothly and efficiently!


What is the purpose of a high rise double pump carburetor?

A high rise double pump carburetor is designed to provide increased airflow for higher performance.
It is used to deliver the fuel and air mixture more effectively to the engine, allowing for better engine performance.

How does a high rise double pump carburetor work?

The high rise double pump carburetor uses two pumps to create a higher pressure and increased air flow. The first pump draws fuel from the fuel tank and mixes it with air.
The fuel and air mixture is then drawn through the second pump, which creates a higher pressure and increased airflow.

What are the benefits of a high rise double pump carburetor?

A high rise double pump carburetor can provide improved fuel efficiency and increased power output. It can also reduce emissions and improve engine performance.

Are there any drawbacks to using a high rise double pump carburetor?

Yes, a high rise double pump carburetor can be expensive and require more maintenance than a single pump carburetor. Additionally, it can produce higher emissions if not properly tuned.

What types of engines can a high rise double pump carburetor be used on?

A high rise double pump carburetor is most commonly used on high performance engines such as race cars, muscle cars, and off-road vehicles.

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