Why Do Tesla Owners Tap Before Charging? (Secret REVEALED!)


Why Do Tesla Owners Tap Before Charging

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Tesla is one of the leading innovators in the world of electric vehicles, and many Tesla owners love to show off their cars.

One strange habit that some Tesla owners have is tapping on the charging port before charging their vehicle. This unusual behavior can leave onlookers scratching their heads in confusion.

But why do Tesla owners tap before charging? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this strange behavior and how it benefits the Tesla owner.

So, Why Do Tesla Owners Tap Before Charging? Tesla owners tap before charging because it helps them establish a connection with the charging station.

By tapping the car’s key fob against the charging station, the car’s electric system is triggered and it can start the charging process.

This helps to ensure that the car has a successful connection with the charging station and that the car is able to charge properly.

Additionally, this tapping process helps identify the car model and alert the charging station of the type of charging that needs to be done.

Improving Charging:

Tesla owners tap before starting a charging session to ensure that they are getting the fastest and most efficient charging available. Tapping the charge port door opens it and prepares the car for charging.

This process also triggers a communication between the car and the charger, which ensures that both are ready to initiate the charge.

The charging process can be affected by various factors such as temperature, battery level, and voltage fluctuations in the power grid.

Before beginning to charge, it is beneficial to confirm that all of these variables are optimal for fast-charging.

By tapping before starting a charging session, Tesla owners can ensure better efficiency and optimize their time spent at Superchargers.

This small step in improving charging processes can lead to more satisfied customers who appreciate faster service times while on long road trips or during daily commutes.

Tapping before charging allows Tesla owners to check if their vehicle has adequate battery levels, a stable connection with the charger, and if there are any technical issues or errors that need to be resolved before initiating a charge.

Benefits of Tapping:

Tapping, also known as “burping,” is a technique used by Tesla owners to ensure an optimal charging experience. The process involves tapping the charge port door twice before plugging in the charger.

This action activates the latch mechanism and securely locks the charging cable in place. It may seem like a small step, but it provides numerous benefits.

Firstly, tapping eliminates any potential for unnecessary wear and tear on both the charging cable and port.

By locking them in place, it prevents premature disconnection or damage caused by external factors such as wind or movement.

Secondly, tapping helps improve overall efficiency during charging sessions. A secure connection means that energy transfer between vehicle and charger remains constant with no interruptions.

Lastly, tapping can also provide peace of mind for Tesla owners who worry about security concerns when leaving their car unattended during a charge session.

With the charge port door locked in place, it adds another layer of protection against theft or tampering with the vehicle’s electrical system.

Process of Tapping:

Tesla owners are known for tapping on their charging port before plugging in. This process is called “tapping” and it involves lightly tapping the charging port to check if it’s securely closed.

The reason behind this practice is to prevent any damage that may occur from forcing the charger into an improperly closed port.

The Tesla Model S, X, and 3 all have a motorized charging door that opens and closes automatically when the car is unlocked or locked respectively.

However, there have been instances where the door does not close completely due to various reasons such as dirt or debris on the rubber seal or a faulty sensor.

Tapping ensures that the door is firmly closed before inserting the charger, preventing any potential damage to both the car and charger.

While tapping may seem like a small and unnecessary step, it has become a habit for many Tesla owners who want to ensure that their vehicles remain in top condition for years to come.

Impact on Battery:

Tesla cars are known to be one of the most innovative electric vehicles on the market.

However, many Tesla owners may have noticed that they need to tap their key fob or their Tesla mobile app before charging. The reason for this is simple: tapping before charging helps preserve battery life.

When a Tesla car is plugged in for charging, it automatically begins to draw power from the grid. This can put a strain on the battery and cause it to degrade over time.

By tapping before charging, Tesla owners are essentially putting their car into standby mode, which reduces the amount of power being drawn from the grid and helps preserve the battery’s longevity.

In addition to tapping before charging, there are other ways that Tesla owners can help extend their car’s battery life.

For example, avoiding excessive fast charging or high-speed driving can help reduce wear and tear on the battery pack.

Regular maintenance and software updates can also help optimize performance and improve overall efficiency, which can translate into longer-lasting batteries for years to come.

Why Do People Tap The Tesla Charger?

One of the most common practices among Tesla owners is tapping on the charger before plugging in their vehicles. This gesture has puzzled many non-Tesla drivers, but it actually serves a purpose.

When you tap the Tesla charger, you activate the charging port door on your car, which automatically opens to allow for easy access to plug in your vehicle.

Another reason why people tap the Tesla charger is to ensure that there are no electrical sparks when plugging in or unplugging their cars.

This precautionary measure helps prevent any potential damages caused by electrical surges or short circuits.

Additionally, some Tesla owners believe that tapping on the charger brings good luck and helps initiate successful charging sessions.

Why Do Tesla Owners Tap The Tail Light Before Charging?

Tesla owners have a unique ritual that involves tapping the tail light of their car before they start charging.

This practice has become so common among Tesla owners that it has even been discussed on social media platforms and forums.

The reason behind this gesture is mainly to ensure that the vehicle’s charge port is securely closed before plugging in.

The tap on the tail light serves as a reminder to double-check that all doors and trunk are closed, and the charge port door is properly shut.

Owners do this because leaving any of these open can cause issues with charging or damage to the electric vehicle’s charging system.

Additionally, tapping on the tail light also helps discharge static electricity from their body before touching any metal parts of the car or charger, which could lead to electric shocks.

Why Do People Tap The Back Of Tesla Before Charging?

One of the most interesting things about Tesla owners is their habit of tapping on the back of their cars before charging.

While it may seem like a quirky behavior to outsiders, this tapping ritual has been passed down from early Tesla adopters as a way to ensure that the charging cable is properly connected and locked in place.

According to some Tesla owners, tapping on the back of their cars can also help with charging speed and connectivity, although there is little scientific evidence to support these claims.

Some believe that tapping helps to create a stronger connection between the car and the charging station by discharging any static electricity that may have built up on either side.

Overall, while there may be some debate about whether or not tapping actually makes a difference in terms of charging efficiency, it’s clear that many Tesla owners consider it an important part of their pre-charging routine.

Summary: Why Do Tesla Owners Tap Before Charging?

The reason why Tesla owners tap before charging is to initiate communication between the car and the charging station. ;

This is a safety measure designed to ensure that the car and the charger are properly connected before electricity starts flowing.

Why Do Tesla Owners Tap Before Charging? By tapping their charging card or key fob on the designated spot on the charger, Tesla owners activate this communication process.

Furthermore, tapping also enables Tesla owners to check the status of their vehicle’s battery and charging progress via their mobile app.

It provides real-time updates on how long until it’s fully charged as well as other useful information such as current charge rate, estimated time remaining until full charge, and more.


What is the purpose of tapping before charging a Tesla?

Tapping before charging a Tesla allows the car to activate its maximum charging rate.

Is tapping before charging a Tesla necessary?

Yes, tapping before charging a Tesla is necessary in order to activate its maximum charging rate.

What happens if I don’t tap before charging my Tesla?

If you don’t tap before charging your Tesla, it will not charge at its maximum rate.

How do I tap before charging my Tesla?

To tap before charging your Tesla, simply tap the charge port with your finger.

Does tapping before charging my Tesla damage the car in any way?

No, tapping before charging your Tesla does not damage the car in any way.

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