How Do Journalists Get Press Cars? (Answered!)


How Do Journalists Get Press Cars

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How Do Journalists Get Press Cars? Journalists are no different from any other professional, they desire the utmost degree of convenience when covering an event. They require a mode of transport that offers them the requisite amount of legroom, ample storage space and one which suits their personal preferences.

Being a journalist comes with many perks, one of which is the ability to get press cars. Journalists often use press cars to conduct research, interview people, and travel around for stories and events.

If you’re seeking a more luxurious version of driving, why not consider purchasing a press car? These vehicles offer all the amenities you could possibly desire, yet leave plenty of space for discretion should you ever require it.

This article explores the process of obtaining press cars and explains why they are so important for journalists.

What Is A Car Journalist?

A car journalist is a writer who specializes in reporting on the automotive industry. They provide readers with up-to-date information about car models, automotive trends, and technological advancements.

Car journalists typically spend time researching industry news, attending press events, and test driving vehicles to gain an understanding of the automotive landscape.

Additionally, they may conduct interviews with industry professionals such as mechanics, designers, and engineers to better inform their readers. Car journalists have a passion for cars and are able to communicate their knowledge in a clear and comprehensive manner.

They are able to write about different topics related to the industry including safety features, fuel efficiency, maintenance tips, and performance capabilities.

Car journalists also have the ability to review newly released models from a subjective point of view.

How Do Automotive Journalists Get Press Cars?

When it comes to the coveted automobile press car, journalists are granted access out of obligation or a sense of solidarity.

If your company has an automobile initiative, then chances are that there will be opportunities for reporters to gain access to one of these vehicles.

This is where I typically see most people get their first press cars, from automotive-related publications.

Most automotive journalists receive their press cars as part of their job. However, there are a few lucky individuals who have been given a car as a gift from an automaker or company they cover.

In the end, it all comes down to relationships. If you’re in the industry and have connections; then by all means go for it!

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Why Would a Company Give Away a Car to Journalists?

There are countless reasons why a media outlet would solicit vehicles as part of their sponsorship program. After all, there is no better way to connect with the public than through an article featuring their brand!

Does this sound like your ideal situation? Discover how you can be rewarded for media coverage! In addition to sponsoring car giveaways, some companies might also offer additional perks like discount rates and access to exclusive events.  

Furthermore, many companies are interested in developing deeper relationships with reporters and offer training and mentorship opportunities.

Rewards vary from company to company, but the most common rewards are publicity and word-of-mouth advertising. This is why it’s so important for journalists to be proactive when approaching companies about becoming sponsors.

Which Companies Grant Press Cars?

Several businesses that grant cars to journalists offer distinctive options; here are some of the most common.

For convenience-minded companies offering loaners, providing vehicles can be a smart move. This enables journalists’ mobility while ensuring they do not have to miss out on any essential errands or appointments!

On the other hand, enterprises may elect to provide their own vehicles for press events, in this case providing an additional benefit for their growing community of owners and patrons.

The majority of car suppliers will not provide vehicles for media reviews or evaluations. However, if you happen across a manufacturer who does provide them, don’t hesitate.

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How Do You Get a Press Car from a Car Rental Company?

Getting a press car from a car rental company is a great way to get a reliable vehicle for your next road trip or business trip. But it can be a bit daunting to figure out how to get one.

First, you’ll need to research the various car rental companies that offer press cars. You’ll want to look for companies that specialize in press cars and have a good reputation.

Once you’ve identified a few companies, contact them directly or use their online booking system to find out what their requirements are for renting a press car.

You may need to provide proof of employment in the media industry, such as a press pass or business card.

You’ll also need to provide proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license. Finally, you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of any additional fees or restrictions associated with the rental.

What If You Don’t Need a Press or Rental Car?

When a journalist is seeking to produce content, they frequently don’t require a press car as such, it is merely an expedient mode of transport that lends itself to the task at hand.

Renting a vehicle from Hertz, Enterprise or Budget could be a cost-effective and hassle-free way for journalists to get around town.

One would only need to provide their contact information in order for a rental company like Car2Go, Zipcar or Enterprise Rent-A-Car to locate them upon arrival at their destination, without any further effort from themselves!

What If a Company Doesn’t Have a Press Car?

In this case, a journalist may need to look for alternate modes of transportation. They may be able to find public transportation that is close to the company’s location or they could look into renting a car from a different rental company.

Additionally, they may be able to find rides with other journalists or local reporters who are covering the same story.

Moreover, some journalists may be able to find rides with the company themselves.

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What Happens to Press Fleet Cars?

Vehicles in Denver’s automotive press fleet are maintained, cleaned and dispensed to qualified journalists in the area.

AMS, one of Colorado’s leading providers of vehicle management services for the local Press community is headquartered here and makes it possible for journalists within the Rocky Mountain Region to experience new models first-hand; providing them with a chance to review vehicles prior to release.

Once a ticket has been obtained, press vehicles typically remain in circulation for no more than seven days. After which time they will be returned to the fleet depository or auction house, while their destination also varies.

If a fleet owner such as a major car rental company decides to retire one of its vehicles, either due to age or operational efficiency, it could then be made available for sale or lease; usually with minimal costs involved.

Why Do Automakers Loan Out Press Cars?

For journalists, the answer is simple: it grants them access to the vehicles that they need for their stories and allows them to experience the latest models firsthand.

Plus, automakers are eager to boost their brand image by granting access, especially when it comes to promotion campaigns like those involving celebrities or charitable causes!

If an automaker provides a press car, they must ensure that the vehicle is returned in pristine condition.

This was one of the key requirements before Volkswagen’s scandalous recall fiasco revealed how easily cars can be tampered with once they’ve been delivered to news outlets and parked outside garages.

Conclusion: How Do Journalists Get Press Cars?

How Do Journalists Get Press Cars? Journalists can’t obtain a press car, per se, but they can leverage the carpooling services of their local newsroom.

This practice first emerged among newspapers in the United States in the 19th century and has since been implemented by other media outlets as well, including television networks like CNN and Fox News Channel.

If you’re a reporter at a major news outlet, it’s likely that your boss has already established a carpooling system for their employees. If not, consider creating one! It could help with issues such as traffic congestion or even reduce expenses associated with parking fees.

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